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Hello Danny:

Have you thought that it may be a problem of not enough RAM?


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Hi everyone. Quite a basic question but I haven't found the answer
anywhere ... sorry for that.

I've previously left my laptop recording content via GoldWave while
I've been away, even over a 72-hour period. Because I've always cut
the file up before saving, I've been able to retain all of the
material and re-open it in GoldWave. However, I've just completed the
same length of recording on my Olympus recorder (MP3, 128KBPS) and
GoldWave is refusing to open it. It's saying that the drive might not
be ready or that it may be full up but these options don't apply ...
I've tried opening the file on my laptop's hard drive and on an
external drive, with them having 40 GB and 62 GB of remaining space
respectively. So, I assume that GoldWave can only open (and allow me
to edit) files up to a certain size/duration (this file is 3.99 GB, so
I know it's ridiculously large). Does anyone please know what the
maximum file limit is for GoldWave, presuming that such a thing does

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Take care, Danny

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