help with the bose mini Bluetooth II

Geoff Eden

I have downloaded the manual, which, as many, is readable with the exception of symbols for the identity of the buttons.

I didn't have help nearby, and the button panel is so flat, that it's almost impossible to identify discrete button locations.

So, I plugged it in, give it a bit of a charge, and it began speaking to me telling me to pick a language. Probably foolishly, I pressed a couple of buttons, or at least what I perceived to be buttons, and it stopped talking. Oh boy!

I put it in its charging cradle overnight and it gave me a two-tone up signal which I presumed was a kind of power on. In the morning I took it off, and received a two toned down signal which I presumed was a power discontinued signal.

Now, I'm frozen, I'm getting absolutely nothing. Hoping my son-in-law confined a couple of minutes for me over the weekend. He's usually very intuitive about this stuff. Until then, does anyone have any advice?

When I heard the speaker at the Cosco decide its little brother, I was impressed.

Enjoy your day


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