Re: cleaning up vinyl records?

Curtis Delzer

or, a v15-type 5, my favorite.
Curtis Delzer, HS.
San Bernardino, CA

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hi its the first time on posting to this group.
wen cleaning up your vinal
u need a good cartridge and stylus as well.
personally i still have my teckniques deck with a stanton 500 cartridge in it.
from stewart

from the ross meister
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They have one with both phono and usb port.
Yes rega is the best Imho.

26 apr. 2018 kl. 09:55 skrev André van Deventer > <andredbsa@...>:

No no definitely you cannot go wrong with any rega turntable? One of the > best budget turntables you can get.

Anders I did not know they made USB turntables?


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So my rega turntable is crap then.
That was very intresting that i have bought a Rega for 4000 swedish krona > that is crap.

25 apr. 2018 kl. 09:20 skrev Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>:

True though I suppose we all assumed that people keep their records clean >> <smile>.
Since we’ve gone this far - if you want a good quality result - then stay >> away from those dreaded USB turntables and get a proper turntable along >> with a good Fono amp though some turntables come with this nowadays.
If you have access to a recorder such as an Olympus LS-100 then you’d do >> very well to record directly to that rather than sample to your computer, >> you can transfer the recording to your computer from the recorder for the >> extra work.
The Olympus LS-100 will allow you to use 96K sampling at 24 bit which I >> use to make sure I’m getting the maximum I can out of my Vinyl.
I’ll upload a sample of what I’ve done for comment.

On 24 Apr 2018, at 4:27 pm, André van Deventer >>> <andredbsa@...> wrote:

But even more important than that is that the record must be cleaned >>> thoroughly before playing it. Without that you will never get a good >>> digital recording no matter how much you try to clean it out with >>> software.

There are many theories out there for properly cleaning your records. >>> It is worth it investing in a good record cleaning brush at least. >>> Secondluy some good record cleaning fluid.

Whatever you do stay away from anything called Crosslee!


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Firstly I suggest that you look to see that your Vinyl isn’t already >>> available on CD or other alternative media.
Then I reckon you should look at some of the dedicated software out >>> there for cleaning Vinyl such as Vinyl Studio which is available in a >>> light and a paid version both for Mac and Windows, both versions are >>> easily accessible and the paid version doesn’t cost too much.
If you do get Vinyl studio then just don’t rush in, read the help file >>> as it contains some most useful tips that will help you in the long run.

On 24 Apr 2018, at 2:52 pm, The Wolf <hank.smith966@...> wrote:

question for all of you vinyl collectors out there what do you all
suggest I use to try to clean up my vinyl a bit? there are a few
records that either skip or get stuck in a groove. am trying to see
if I can get those perticular vinyl records to play properly I
realize that depending on the shape of the vinyl in question that
may or may not fix it but want to try non the less thanks Hank check
out my song on youtube

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