Re: Looking for Audio Editor Simpler Than GoldWave

Tom Kaufman

Evan: You may want to give MP3 Direct Cut a try! It's accessible and is free (unless they've updated it and changed things) MP3 Direct Cut is capable of deleting parts of files and can change volume, although that "volume thing" I've forgotten exactly how you do this!
Tom Kaufman

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Subject: [all-audio] Looking for Audio Editor Simpler Than GoldWave

Hey Guys,
Can anyone recommend an audio editor that’s simpler than GoldWave? I got the free version here, and I just can’t figure out much of it.
I got a list of keyboard commands, but when I try them, they don’t do what the list says they’re supposed to do. Apparently, I have to be in the Green Play Area, or is it the Yellow Play Area, or whatever. It’s just too complicated.
Pretty much all I want to do is change volume, and select a portion of a file and be able to delete it. I may find another function or two I might want, but really, this is too much. Besides, the free version limits you to 200 commands, which it seems I can use up pretty fast arrowing around in a file trying to find the place I want to edit out.
Oh, and I suppose it should go without saying that it should be accessible with JAWS or Window Eyes.
Thanks much for any advice.

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