Looking for Audio Editor Simpler Than GoldWave

Evan Reese

Hey Guys,
Can anyone recommend an audio editor that’s simpler than GoldWave? I got the free version here, and I just can’t figure out much of it.
I got a list of keyboard commands, but when I try them, they don’t do what the list says they’re supposed to do. Apparently, I have to be in the Green Play Area, or is it the Yellow Play Area, or whatever. It’s just too complicated.
Pretty much all I want to do is change volume, and select a portion of a file and be able to delete it. I may find another function or two I might want, but really, this is too much. Besides, the free version limits you to 200 commands, which it seems I can use up pretty fast arrowing around in a file trying to find the place I want to edit out.
Oh, and I suppose it should go without saying that it should be accessible with JAWS or Window Eyes.
Thanks much for any advice.

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