Re: Editing out pops with Audacity - not working

Anders Holmberg

I think there is a popfilter in audacity but it was a very long time since i’ve used it as i don’t use windows anymore.
On the mac the audacity isn’t accessibl, not as accessible as it used to be.

30 nov. 2017 kl. 07:52 skrev

I have a long track that has delay on it and a loud pop that gets repeated with each delay. The pop itself sounds a lot like the pop of a noisy LP. It is caused by lack of oscillators in an additive synthesizer, the Synergy. This pop also repeats about ten times throughout the track. On initial recording, there was no way to get it to play without pops occurring. So I left the recording for cleaning up later--now. Manually zooming in to find the pop is workable, but smoothing out the discontinuous waveform is still not removing the pop. Plus, the pop gets harder to find with each delay repeat getting quieter and quieter. Several attempts have not worked, so I'm checking here for help. Is there a tool within Audacity that can isolate such noise and remove it?

Fred (first post and thanks for restarting the group)

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