Re: The Sony PCM-d50 audio recorder

Matthew Chao

Where's the link?--Matt.

On 4/2/2018 3:28 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
The following link is to a recording I made back in early February on the Sony PCM-D50 recorder of a Thunderstorm
Unfortunately I got the tail end of this crackerjack storm but it was still worth it.
The Thunder as you’ll hear kept rolling faintly in the distance for quite some time.
You’ll also hear other assorted sounds, frightened birds, me adjusting the recorder, the creaking of the house roof, traffic on the distant road, ambiance caused my carport and the inside of the house itself etc.
The recorder was set up on a kitchen chair just inside the front door.
I would have used the Zoom H6 to record this however I didn’t have it at the time, still dreaming about getting one back in February <smile>.
Anyway the PCM-D50 as you’ll hear is a perfectly capable recorder though it doesn’t have any of the high sampling rates we’ve been discussing it still does a damn good job for general recording work.

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