Re: Compressor limiter for Winamp

Barry Chapman

Thanks Tim. I did manage to find a Winamp version and installed it. It works
well if I set the fader to 80% and have ISP checked. The output level
overall is higher than that for Audiostocker, but that is not a problem.


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Hi Barry,

I don't know if it works with Winamp, but Loud Max gets very good reviews
for clean limiting and volume maximising.


On 17 Sep 2022, at 9:22 am, Barry Chapman <barry@...> wrote:

Does anyone know of a good compressor limiter DSP plugin which works with
the new Winamp version 5.9? I have been using Audiostocker for many years,
but it doesn't work with the new Winamp running on Windows 10. The purpose
is so that all files will play at the same volume level.


Barry Chapman

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