Re: Goldwave and Issues with Start Marker, I think!

Darran Ross

Thanks Philip, Dennis and John.

Dennis, I'm using GW 5.70, and I've got Auto Scroll Lock checked in the View Menu. I'm assuming this is referred to as Follow Playback Control in new versions? I'm assuming that basically they're one and the same?

John, yes, I do have my window maximized. For a brief moment or too earlier in the week I did think this was the problem, sadly though not the case.

Philip, your suggestion isn't a procedure I'm currently used to using, but I'll start giving it a go and see how it works out.

When all's said and done, perhaps updating to the latest versions of GW and JAWS scripts may be the sensible thing to do. If it continues to happen, it may well be PC through the window time!!

Please feel free to toss any other suggestions into the mix.


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Is your window maximized, check that as well.

On Sun, 11 Sep 2022 19:33:42 -0400,
dennis wrote:

make sure follow playback control l is checked in the view menue.

On 9/11/2022 5:08 PM, Darran Ross wrote:
Hi List.

Out of nowhere, my version of Goldwave has started acting
erratically so far as the start marker is concerned. I'm hoping
someone on this list will have a fix, because after a week and
more of trying to track this problem down, I'm left defeated!

When I finish a recording, my first action is to always hit
control a to get the total length of that file. Control a as
all GW users will know, is the keystroke to move the start
marker to the beginning of the file, and the end marker to the

And here's my problem. Control A no longer seems to do this. I
can finish a recording and no matter the length, the time is
always reported as 0.00, I have to move the start marker to the
end of the file and then control A will give me the correct

Other things have coincided with this behaviour, dropping a
marker is no longer resulting in the time stamp being announce,
I just hear start or finish.

This is really effecting my ability to edit, especially as many
of the keystrokes are deeply imbedded in muscle memory. The
constant having to slow down and make these awkward adjustments
to get accurate file lengths etc is proving to be really

Does this sound like an issue anyone can offer up a solution
for? I've run up against a brick wall and really don't know
what to try next. I can only think that I've made some kind of
alteration to GW, but for the life of me I can't figure out
what I may have done.

Any advice will be very gratefully received.


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