Re: Problems Trying To Convert A File

Georgina Joyce

Hello Tom,

It sounds like you have copied files from one machine to another and the computer is questioning should you be running this file as it belongs to somone else. Try running switch with admin privileges.

On 10 May 2022, at 18:59, Tom Kaufman <tomcat53@...> wrote:

Hello List: I have downloaded and installed Switch to my Windows 10
computer. Up to this point (when I was running Windows 7) never had a
problem! Now that I've gone to a different machine (a Windows 10 machine)
nothing but problems (two problems to be more specific) first, when I try to
convert the file in question from4A to MP3, I am presented with a message
that says The folder C:\users\tom\music is "read only." Please specify
write in write in able folder (or that's what it's sounded like it was
saying) how do I make this stupid Windows 10 machine understand that this
definitely a music file? I have tried changing the folder from "read" to
whatever the hell it know avail! To add to my frustration, I am
also deluged with a "security message, telling me that an unauthorized
action has been blocked! Now I know Switch to be a good file converter!
But I need to know (and soon) how to get around these problems! I know we
have some good audio people on here and am hoping that some of you will come
forward and tell me in language that I can understand what it is I need to
do! The file plays (it definitely is a music file) so what gives?

Tom Kaufman


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