Re: Pulling my hair out with Just Press Record

Anders Holmberg

It should work without silencing VOiceOver if you want that.
Maybe you should do a restart of the phone to see if that could help.

9 maj 2022 kl. 23:31 skrev Georgina Joyce <gena@...>:

Hello All,

I recently decided to use my phone and just press record in my office because I couldn't get all the equipment in my little recording area to make the recording. I recorded for 18 minutes which worked really great. But a couple days later I tried and tried to record a 5 minute recording and every time VoiceOver announced screen off and then the audio tone of the phone going into sleep mode. I did not install any updates or change anything. I looked on AppleVis and I understand VoiceOver is supposed to be silenced while recording But I definitely have a recording of VoiceOver talking. I obviously also had trouble stopping the recording.

Anyone had this problem? Anyone have any ideas how to prevent it happening again?



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