Re: Need Urgent Help As Soon As Possible...Like Within The Next Hour

Tom Kaufman

Hello Steve and list: Well I was able to find a good friend who converted the file to MP3 for me, so I then took off the stuff I didn't need! But I ran into another problem that I don't know how to fix: Windows Security said it was blocking something...the two programs (or as they now call them "apps now) are Switch (a program that converts files to different things like MP3 or whatever) am also employing the help of MP3 Direct Cut, which is very good with taking the unwanted parts of a file off! So how do I tell Windows Security that these programs I have downloaded to just unblock whatever it's blocking in case I need to convert anything else?
Tom Kaufman

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I don't know the program of which you write, but I'm reasonably certain it's asking you where you want to save the converted file.

On 4/30/2022 6:56 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
Hello List:'s the deal: I have created a file that I need to
convert to MP3; for this, I have downloaded and installed Switch on this
computer which is running Windows 10. I moved the file to a folder called
My Music-shortcut (is in my external drive) so I put the file into Switch
and attempted to convert it to MP3, but I get a message telling me that I
must tell it the "file path!" All I know to tell it (and ALL I KNOW TO TELL
IT) is that the file is in My Book; is in this My Music shortcut." I must
convert it to MP3, so that I then edit it, using MP3 Direct Cut! Hopefully
this message is seen in the next few minutes, and I can get help with this!
Thanks for reading and for your indulgence!

Tom Kaufman

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