Re: Seeking Recommendations on Blind-friendly audio Mixers


just going threw me emails
and came accorss your email re mixers
have u stil got this mixer or did u get a new one, and what was it.


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Subject: [all-audio] Seeking Recommendations on Blind-friendly audio Mixers

I'm currently using a Yamaha MG10XU.

It has four XLR mic inputs, which is plenty for me.

It also has stereo inputs.

The manual is loaded with pictures that are not well-explained, so I don't
totally understand some of its features.

Features I'm seeking:

The ability to turn Phantom power on and off for specific channels

Tactile controls, either knobs or sliders

A good built-in USB sound card

A blind-friendly user guide

Some FX would be nice, but not a requirement

Ironically, all of these features except the blind-friendly user guide exist
in the Zoom F6 recorder, but I don't want to have it dedicated too use as a

Anybody have suggestions?

Jerry Berrier

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