Re: FM Transmitters: Looking For One On The Order Of C-Crane But Has More Power


hi don re that fm tx you have i have one with a power output of six watts.
and its had a filter put in it.
its got good stereo separation as well.

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I have an fm transmitter made in China the manufacturer's name I do not know. This thing is great in terms of strong signal, in fact it is too great in that I hear harmonics all over the fm dial. Of course, this is partly due to poor harmonic rejection on the part of the radios on which I listen. I can easily pick up its signal from a distance of approximately 350 feet. It uses a rubber duck and transmits from 75 to 108 megs.

Don Roberts

On 12/10/2021 6:59 PM, Steve Jacobson wrote:

Just to be certain, I checked the frequency range on my C. Crane transmitter manually. It appears that it goes from 88.3 to 107.7. It is probably the same range that your old one uses. However, I did some digging, and the higher power FM transmitter I had for a while is made by Signstek. There are a couple on Amazon. However, the low power setting on one of them is a half a watt. The one I bought was supposed to have a low power of 100 MW, but I think it was probably a half a watt besides. I had trouble running it close to anything. It came with a rubber duck style antenna which seemed pretty well matched for it, but it is possible that the trouble I had may have been remedied by a different antenna as somebody suggested earlier. The Signstek transmitter I had did have an connector for the antenna, but I do not think it was a BNC connecter. The antenna had a ring around the connector that had to be screwed down onto the transmitter's connector. It was similar to a 75-ohm cable connector but it was bigger. It was smaller than a 50-ohm connector, though.

The Signstek does go down to 76mhz. in fact, one can set the frequency range possibly even greater, although I would guess it becomes less efficient at the extremes. As I said, I was very happy with the performance of my Signstek but something happened to it after a year or so. Yet, I know of another person using that transmitter and his has lasted much longer and is still working.

In my younger days, I enjoyed experimenting with FM transmitters to see what kind of range I could get out of them. I look back and am thankful I didn't get caught. Nowadays, too much output makes me a little nervous. Placing the Signstek on the floor of my basement with its rubber duck connector still covered my block pretty well. I sometimes like putting NLS books through my transmitter and I didn't like the idea of my neighbors listening in. Therefore, I am happy with my C. Crane transmitter with extra wire added to the antenna.

Regarding the power adjustment on the C. Crane transmitter, I opened up the case to get to it. Opening the case is a little tricky because one has to lift up and move horizontally as well to be sure one does not lift up the cover with the knob of the volume control still extending through the slot in the case. It is possible that one can remove a label of some kind and avoid opening the case, but it isn't as obvious to me as it was on the older transmitters. As I said, both of mine already were set for maximum power.

I hope all of this is of some help.

Best regards,


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Steve, I have a question regarding your newer C Crane transmitter. I
still have a C Crane transmitter which is perhaps ten years old and
still functions. One thing I found frustrating about this transmitter is
that the lowest possible frequency was 88.3. I really would like the
option to transmit at 87.5 if desired. Can the newer C Crane transmitter
do that?


Don Roberts

On 12/9/2021 7:36 PM, Steve Jacobson wrote:

I recently purchased two of the C. Crane transmitters. They both still had the screw to adjust power although they are a little harder to get to. However, in the case of both of my transmitters, they were set to the maximum already. An older transmitter that I had purchased definitely benefited by turning up the adjustment. It is possible they are being a little less conservative now, with the power setting. Also, the newer C. Crane transmitters reduced the digital noise that was present in the first digital versions. I have been happy with my C. Crane transmitters although I did clip a longer wire to the antenna.

I also bought another transmitter from Amazon that could transmit at 100 MW or one watt. However, when I looked just now I did not find it. Unfortunately, the low power setting seemed very much higher than 100 MW. It was a good transmitter and very quiet, but it had enough output at the low power setting that the signal would get into devices close by making them misbehave. That transmitter had a capacitor or something that went out after a year or so that generated a lot of noise in the audio. Also, some of its settings are accessed through a sort of menu with which one has to be careful. There are a number of transmitters on Amazon, but some claim a power of .05W which would be pretty low. There are some that are a watt or more, but besides being illegal, you may find that much power will disrupt other devices as I did.

Good luck.

Best regards,

Steve Jacobson

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Hello list: Does anyone know of an FM Transmitter that works on the order
of the ones that C-Crane sells; only thing: I need it to have a little more
power than what C-CCrane has right out of the box! It used to be that the
ones that C-Crane sold had a screw that you could turn, making it more
powerful! But then I hear that they fixed it so that this no longer could
be done! My old C-Crane unit (or so it would appear) has given up the
ghost; often, I'll want to listen to something from my computer, but want to
be in the kitchen or someplace away from the computer! Hopefully there is
something out there that'll do what I need it to do.but won't drain my bank
account too much!

Thanks for any info you can pass along!

Tom Kaufman

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