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Danny Miles

Hi Simon. That sounds brilliant... Exactly what I'm looking for.
I've looked around and keep coming across the B1 Bluetooth Receiver...
Is that the right model? If so, can you please advise as to where you
bought yours? I'm only finding them in the US and China at the
moment. If not, or if that receiver won't attach to a DM-670 (I saw
references to RCA cables on one review, so I don't know whether that
one takes 3.5 mm leads), could you again please send a link to
whichever product you use?

Many thanks in advance, Danny

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would you be looking to make such recordings on the go, or just at a fixed
not sure what to suggest if you want to make them on the go, but if you are

just making them in one place, you could get a good quality bluetooth
receiver, (I personally like the audioengine one), and just hook that up to

your existing recorder. I have used it very successfully to record bbc radio

clips from my iPhone to my pc for example, as it meant that I could just go

through the show quickly with the bbc sounds app on my phone, and just
record the 2 clips I wanted, (which were the ones featuring myself), with
out having to otherwise download the whole show to my pc, and then edit out

all the rest of it, which would have been a pest, as the whole show was
4hours long. (hope that all makes sense).


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Hi there. I hope everyone's well.

For a long time I've recorded content from my iPhone 5S (not calls,
but notes read by VoiceOver, attachments from emails, etc.) using my
Olympus DM-670 and a 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm jack lead. Unfortunately, my
faithful smartphone has now given up the ghost, and trials with
headphone adapters attached to my iPhone SE 2020 and various
iPods/iPads have all featured a great deal of hissing behind the audio
output. I presume this is because newer models require more power to
run (seeing as they're effectively computers these days) and/or that
the lightning to 3.5 mm adaptor creates interference between the two

This leads me to assume that the only way to record material from my
iPhone SE 2020 or another modern model would be to connect such a
device to a digital recorder via bluetooth. I've come across plenty
of bluetooth recorders that are designed for phone call recording, but
does anyone know of a bluetooth digital recorder which is
simple/accessible for a totally blind user that can create
good-quality recordings (no background feedback, noise picked up from
elsewhere in the room where the devices are located, etc.)?

Many thanks in advance for any recommendations.

Cheers - Take care, Danny

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