Re: How To Get To File Asociations In Winamp

Darran Ross

Hi Tom.

I'm doing this from memory on a Win 7 machine with the latest incarnation of Winamp, so please excuse me if I sell you a pup here!

With Winamp open you bring up your file menu with alt plus f. Now arrow to Options and right arrow into that and enter on Preferences.
The very top item on that tree should be labelled something like File Types, and if you go in here you should find the settings your after.

Good luck.


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Hello list: I just had a new computer installed's new to me;
anyhow am trying to get to file associations in Winamp as I want it to be
the player I use to play MP3s; I'm just not having any luck! Running
Windows 10 with the latest build for Jaws 2021!


Tom Kaufman

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