Re: How To Get To File Asociations In Winamp

Yusuf Osman

I'm not sure how to do this in Winamp, but another way to achieve the same result is to do a search in the start menu for file and select Choose a default App for each type of file. It might not come up in the search results, but if you select the search in settings result, it should appear. Hit enter on choose default App and tab through the resulting dialogue until you find MP3, press spacebar and in the resulting dialogue locate Winamp and select it. That should do what you want.

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Hello list: I just had a new computer installed's new to me; anyhow am trying to get to file associations in Winamp as I want it to be the player I use to play MP3s; I'm just not having any luck! Running Windows 10 with the latest build for Jaws 2021!


Tom Kaufman

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