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Hamit Campos

Oh boy oh boy. Well how many channals do you want? Do you just want stereo? Yeah the site can get confusing especially if 1 isn't sure what 1 is going to do with it. Most of these are surround sound. Was looking at them myyself at 1 point but the coolest 1 is PCIE for 1 thing and it's $400 almost. I know not what exactly you listen to and how bit perfect you want. I wanted the mad expensive 1 cause I'm an audio file. I want bit perfect well balanced even with Windows Media Playeer having SRS Wow turned on. So do let us know what you wil do with it.

On 10/16/2021 4:53 AM, Andy via wrote:
Hi all.

I have a Dell tower with a poor sound card in it. JAWS sounds sluggish on this computer so I was thinking of buying a Creative labs external USB sound card.

I've had many of these, over the years and the sound quality is usually much better than standard internal cards within both Dell and HP. computers.

Wen I go to the Creative Labs webpage I immediately become confused amongst the types and models available.

I remember my old USB card. It was oval shaped and had a large volume switch right on top of the top panel.

I cannot remember it's model name but the sound was very good..

Does anyone know the model I'm talking about, or, can recommend a particular model that will enhance the quality of the music I'm listening to. I don't really mess about . within the options or settings and usually record what I'm hearing through the card with either Total Recorder or Goldwave.

Any advice very much appriciated.

very best wishes.

Andy Logue.

P.S Done any recording over the last 2 years guys. I've done nothing so going to dump all batteries within my recorders.

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