Re: Getting the realtek audio driver for my pc:

John Covici

Can you go by the specific motherboard? If you have belark advisor, it will tell you the exact model and manufacturer and maybe you can go from there.

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I tried that John with no luck.

I use the hp model number and it showed me everying but audio stuff grin!

I can't believe even the hp support assistant couldn't detect this.

I may try something crazy like installing their windows 7 64 bit driver
then trying to update it.

Don't know yet.

Beyond rediculous.


On 10-Oct-21 12:41 PM, John Covici wrote:
Can't you go to the hp site, find your product and download the
drivers from there? I just recently had to do this with an Asus mb,
maybe you have to do it by the mother board as well.

On Sun, 10 Oct 2021 11:55:35 -0400,
Don Breda wrote:
Hello listers,

During a windows 10 update MicroSoft replaced my realtek audio
driver with one of its own.

Now I get crackling in the audio when jaws nvda or narrator speaks.

I have tried in vain to find the proper realtek audio driver for
this HP Z220 CMT Workstation
pc running windows 10 pro 64 bit.

An old piece of junk computer I admit but would like to put back
the proper realtek drivers.

I even downloaded the hp support assistant which I thought would
helpp but even thogh its much more accesible now then it used to
be it is to dumb to figure out that a microsoft audio driver is
installed for the onboard realtek device.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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