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Dean Masters

sorry for the delay but I had to check it out to find the answer to your questions.

I had to use the JAWS cursor to find how much time on an audio cd had been using and what the total time could be. You have to go to the top of the screen and arrow down 3 lines.

You can burn a cd with just mp3 or any kind of file.

You can copy a cd using AnyBurn.


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tell me with any burn,
if your doing a audio cd,
does it tell u wen your adding the number of tracks, how many minutes u have
and can u create a cd with mp3's on it, and can u coppy cd's?
from stew
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CDBurnerXP stopped working on my windows 7 machine a few months ago but someone reccomended anyburn which I reallly like. It will even rip cd's as well as burn. and to create a cd you can have the audio files in different formats instead of them having to be in mp3.


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Sure, but if a person already has Nero, it would make sense to use it. I have Nero 12 on this Windows 10 PC here myself (or is it 11, I haven't actually burned a CD in a while) and still use it. The CD burner at least is certainly accessible.
Looks like the OP will indeed have to find something else though.
Anyburn, perhaps?

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In my unhumble, Nero has never ever been the best anything, especially when there are no-cost alternatives which, among other things, are a lot more accessible and a lot lighter on system resources. CD Burner XP comes immediately to mind.

On 9/7/2021 4:21 PM, JOHN RIEHL via wrote:
Hi. a couple of computers ago I had Nero CD Burning rom version 8;
unfortunately it got lost and isn't on my latest computer.

Does anybody have any good recommendations for a program I can use to
burn Cd's and also make my own cd compilation form my own music?

Or is Nero still the best program?

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