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JM Casey

Sure, but if a person already has Nero, it would make sense to use it. I have Nero 12 on this Windows 10 PC here myself (or is it 11, I haven't actually burned a CD in a while) and still use it. The CD burner at least is certainly accessible.
Looks like the OP will indeed have to find something else though.
Anyburn, perhaps?

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In my unhumble, Nero has never ever been the best anything, especially when there are no-cost alternatives which, among other things, are a lot more accessible and a lot lighter on system resources. CD Burner XP comes immediately to mind.

On 9/7/2021 4:21 PM, JOHN RIEHL via wrote:
Hi. a couple of computers ago I had Nero CD Burning rom version 8;
unfortunately it got lost and isn't on my latest computer.

Does anybody have any good recommendations for a program I can use to
burn Cd's and also make my own cd compilation form my own music?

Or is Nero still the best program?

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