Using a Virtual CD Driver to Rip a Virtual CD

Steve Matzura

A musician friend of mine has decided that the best way to send me some files to work on is by making an audio CD from his hard-disk recorder, packing it up into a BIN+CUE package with IMGBurn, and sending it to me via Dropbox. Now I have these two files, I can unpack them and burn them to a real compact disc, then use a program like Exact Audio Copy to extract the audio into the WAV files which he should have sent me in the first place so I can work with them. The problem is, he's done this so many times before, and frankly, my media supply is gettin' low! So I thought maybe I could use one of these free CD clone drivers like Elaborate Bytes' Virtual Clone Drive <> to unpack the BIN+CUE package with IMGBurn, then use EAC to extract the WAV audio. My questions are:

1. Is this scenario even possible? Is that what VCD is supposed to do--be a virtual CD drive where the user can mount a virtual disc and treat it as if it were a real one?

2. I tried mounting the .BIN of the BIN+CUE pair, and VCD didn't do it. Is this format different from the kind of BIN VCD is looking for?

3. Is there a program that can take my BIN+CUE pair made with IMGBurn and turn it into something VCD *CAN* mount?

Thanks in advance for any help on this one.

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