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Curtis Delzer

I use it every day, and your screen reader shouldn't use it unless you assign something like "line one" to your screen reader.
There are 2 main parts, repeater.exe, and
the number of cables you enable in the control panel of virtual audio cable, and that would show up in your sound settings inside windows itself.
When you run virtual audio cable control panel, just shift tab to "restart audio engine," and then one tab to the right should say "number of cables," and that is where you change it to the number of potential sources you might want. I have set it to 4 which is much more than I usually ever need, but there if I want it or might use it.
That makes a line one, line two, line three and line four cable available in your out / input areas of your windows system. So, if, I have a sports event I wish to capture on my computer, I can tell windows to use "line one" to broadcast the event, and use any recorder to listen from line one to record it. And, I can use the repeater app to listen to line one while it is being recorded.
There are many options available to tweak but do remember that your screen reader through the repeater app should be working first so you don't get into a situation where your screen reader is on line one, and you're not listening to line one with the repeater app.
I've done it and had to plug in a set of wired USB headphones to get the attention of my sound devices within windows to fix things.
That will be your best friend until you become use to V A C.
The first part of repeater settings is input, then output, so let's say if input is line one where you're broadcasting with the windows device, and your sound cards' input for the output, you'll be fine and all should go well. You can determine if you wish to listen to stereo or mono, and the number of milliseconds delay from input to output, "50Ms to 500Ms, (which is half a second" and then the "start" command. If you're using NVDA, turn off the beeping for progress bar updates in that screen .
Hope this gives you a glimmering.

On 8/2/2021 11:53 AM, Darran Ross via wrote:
Hi List.
I'm interested in having a play with V A C, but was wondering if anyone knows of any guides that may be available on how to use it with a screen reader.
The first thing that worries me is that if I install it, am I going to lose speech because windows will automatically reroute audio to the new device?
Any links to podcasts or the like would be gratefully received. I did find one introduction type podcast from years back on the Blind Geek Zone website, but it honestly wasn't very good! Hoping someone out there knows of a good V A C resource.
Many thanks.
Curtis Delzer
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Rialto, CA


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