Playback Issue with Olympus DM-670

Danny Miles

Hi. I'm able to record files using my Olympus DM-670, and I can even
play them back without any problems on my laptop, but when I play them
on the digital recorder itself it stops playback after one or two
seconds. This even includes files that have previously played without
issue on the device. Once a file stops playing, I can't get any of
the buttons to make sounds or encourage the recorder to start playing
again. Instead, I have to turn the device off (which often takes two
or three attempts) and then turn it back on, at which point it starts
confirming that folder A is active (in the same way as it does after a
charging of the battery). However, the device is claiming that the
battery is at a high level, and I've tried charging it a bit in case
this information is wrong without any success.

Any advice regarding possible causes and solutions will be
appreciated. Thanks in advance for any contributions.

Take care, Danny

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