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Hi again Gena.

In Neil Ewars Review of the H6, he slightly mentions this socket and I was aware of it. But as you said, you need to go into Settings and selectPhantom and then how much power you require.

Incidentally once connected the X Y's are disarmed.

I quite hate the Settings menue. I know you get into them by pressing the settings button and out again by pressing the same button again, after makeing your changes and you do this via the joggle, pressing in to select, then menu again to get out.

. Most of the options in there probably don't concern me.

Once you have secured sighted assistance, for example, you could select 24 bit Wave at 192 Khz, so just like that, you can make other general settings, like setting up Phantom power,However because the menues don't speak, you really need sighted assistance to choose the general settings at the start.

So what do you do when you no longer need Phantom for a particular mic, Get sighted assistance again and and again so on.

This is why I'm buying 2 sets of BSM 9's. One set can go into this mini socket. And will not require Phantom, I think and the other mike is being converted to Twin XLR's, which may.

With this set up, I turn Phantom power on at the XLR side and off at the mini socket level.

Well, that's my theory! I can only try and if I'm right, then I'll have no need to frequently cry out for assistance from a sighted person.

Regarding the 1.5v pp9 battery/filter modules, I have been advised that Macro Madness have stopped making them, wonder why they would do that ???

They do suggest as an alternative:

Hi Andy,

The only problem is we discontinued our battery/filter modules. What we can do is wire them directly into phantom power converters or makeup an adapter cable with phantom. Your thoughts?


I'm getting this work done. I think but MM are very slow in responding to messages, so it will be a little bit of time yet.

Strange though Gena, why would they discontinu a product which they say is essential for another one of their products to work?

As I said at the start of this thread, I plugged the BSM 9's directly into my LS50 without the need of such a power pack?

Very best wishes.

Andy Logue.

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Hello Andy,

If you feel your X Y microphone on the right side. The face with the release button. The top back corner is a 3.5mm socket. That is where you put your binaural microphones. Of course you also need to turn it on in the menu system. All this is described on page 88 of the manual.



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