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hi steve
re this mixer,
does it have a usb interface in it.
i have heard of these ones before.
from stew

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As happens to me often, I posted the request for help, then found the perfect YouTube Video <> that explained everything I needed to know. I am neither the person who selected this mixer for the end-user, nor the end-user, but that person did ask me for some help with it. I did learn that mixing one's own audio as jacked in from the mixer's front panel with something coming over the USB circuit is not handled optimally. There is supposed to be a quirky workaround posted somewhere on the video's page, but I couldn't find it. No matter--it's really fit to purpose, and I don't think the owner will be doing any fancy radio production with it, so it almost doesn't matter.

On 4/21/2021 1:24 PM, Steve Matzura wrote:
A friend just got herself a Xenyx Q1202. I have the manual for it, but I need a physical description and button layout.

Thanks in advance.

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