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hi gena
as simon said cpc is a good source for stuff.
has anyone had any experence of a rodent1-a mic, and if so what did u think? as i have just got one for me studio.

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Hello Andy,

Just to b clear. The end of your microphones are a jack so you need to plug that jack into a socket? Thus you are looking for a mini socket to XLR?


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Hi all.

I love my BSM 9 Binaural microphones but now I'd like to use them on my H6 and F8n to fully realise the potential and quality of these amazing mic's.

But I need to buy a converter from Mini plug to XLR.

I cannot search for "converter from Mini plug to XLR " in Google so I need either the converters name or model number to search for a sourse of purchase, perhaps on Amazon.

Any advice would be very welcome.

Very best wishes.

Andy Logue.

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