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I wouldn't swear to it, but as HDMI is mainly a video type connection, I personally doubt that you will find an audio only box or card featuring it.

certainly for good playing and recording quality, I would go for either the aphex in2, or the steinberg ur22. these also have actual hardware controls, which do make setting up levels for recording a heck of a lot easier, rather than having to find and change that in software.
hope this helps.


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Hi all.

I've owned 2 Creative Labs, external sound cards in the past. I've used both Optic and mini jack connections.

Now I wish to purchase a new external sound card, but I don't think my new Yamaha amp has Optic in fact I know it was very expensive but I don't know anything regarding it's available connectivity. I do know it takes HDMI, So that's my first question. Do any of the cards sold by Creative use HDMI? that would be the simplist option I suppose.

I'm wanting a good card for audio recording and playback. I Cannot play games and I don't require very high teck models, with all the complicated fancy stuff.

I don't necessarily want a cheep box because of it's simplicity but I want to record and play good quality.

I'm thinking of using Goldwave or Total recorder to record everything from the card and indeed Total recorder is the easiest to use as I've not had very good luck with Goldwav in the past because of all the sound options you need to change in playback and record functions Total recorder, I think works right out of the box without a lot of messing around, but now I think of it I normally use Winamp for playback.

Now, as you ccan see, I'm already confused. Better that one of my friends on the list say something like, Andy get the creative ??? that will do want you want and is only around £150. Hahaha.

Any information very welcome.

Very best wishes.

Andy Logue.

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