Re: Sound enhancements in Windows 10?

Anders Holmberg

Well, then I don’t know.

20 apr. 2021 kl. 21:29 skrev JM Casey <jmcasey@...>:

Hey Anders...

I guess it's possible? But doesn't seem likely to me. Even my old
soundblaster from 12 years ago could do enhancements on the fly through a
control panel interface that was easily usable (though configuring specific
parameters did present an accessibility challenge...)

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Maybe this only work with newer audio devices.
So maybe the hardware is to old even though its from 2018.

20 apr. 2021 kl. 20:31 skrev JM Casey <jmcasey@...>:

Hello everyone.

I'm running Windows 10 20H2. I have onboard audio on this desktop,
listed as Realtek high Definition Audio, so I assume that's what it is
- the corresponding drivers are also installed - they're the latest
ones I could find from both cnet and, dated back to 2018 I

Now, I keep reading about these sound enhancements available in
windows 10, ranging from "room correction", to "bass boost", "virtaul
surround" and even an equalizer. I'm especially interested in getting
a fairly low level (as in at the operating system/soundcard level)
equalizer to work, as I'm not convinced that the one in winamp is that
great, and the VLC one is a pain in the butt to use, and besides, I
listen to a lot of stuff on youtube nowadays.

But, under "sound, realtek and speakers: realtek" properties, sound
enhancements, I only have one option listed - "loudness equalization".
Sound effects are enabled. So I'm wondering - where are all those
other options I keep hearing about? Why don't I have them? Are they
just not available to realtek users? I've done some google searches
and came up with a lot of people complaining about their sound
enhancements tab missing altogether, but that's not what's happening -
I have the tab, there's just only that single "loudness equalization"
box to check and that's it. To me that's a useless feature. I want the
other ones. :P

Can anyone offer any suggestions? Or am I just out of luck?

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