Re: Sound enhancements in Windows 10?

Anders Holmberg

Maybe this only work with newer audio devices.
So maybe the hardware is to old even though its from 2018.

20 apr. 2021 kl. 20:31 skrev JM Casey <>:

Hello everyone.

I'm running Windows 10 20H2. I have onboard audio on this desktop, listed as
Realtek high Definition Audio, so I assume that's what it is - the
corresponding drivers are also installed - they're the latest ones I could
find from both cnet and, dated back to 2018 I believe.

Now, I keep reading about these sound enhancements available in windows 10,
ranging from "room correction", to "bass boost", "virtaul surround" and even
an equalizer. I'm especially interested in getting a fairly low level (as in
at the operating system/soundcard level) equalizer to work, as I'm not
convinced that the one in winamp is that great, and the VLC one is a pain in
the butt to use, and besides, I listen to a lot of stuff on youtube

But, under "sound, realtek and speakers: realtek" properties, sound
enhancements, I only have one option listed - "loudness equalization". Sound
effects are enabled. So I'm wondering - where are all those other options I
keep hearing about? Why don't I have them? Are they just not available to
realtek users? I've done some google searches and came up with a lot of
people complaining about their sound enhancements tab missing altogether,
but that's not what's happening - I have the tab, there's just only that
single "loudness equalization" box to check and that's it. To me that's a
useless feature. I want the other ones. :P

Can anyone offer any suggestions? Or am I just out of luck?

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