Re: Maybe something interesting for blind audio geeks.

Georgina Joyce


There is far too much little information in that review. The pre-amps what is the noise level? How much do they amplify? What is the bit depth and what format are the recordings? He said thunderbolt did he mean lightening? What card size does it take? How many hours of recording is possible? How long does the battery last?


On 12 Apr 2021, at 18:51, Anders Holmberg <> wrote:

My friend and I found a devices for recording and also mixing audio which is totally without menus.
Its called Entrance MixerFace R4.
I haven’t bought it yet but when I get more money I maybe will just to see what its all about.
The thing is that ti like simplicity and this device seems quite simple.
Here is a YouTube clip I found about it.
He talks a lot but I feel that he is very reliable.
Hope you can click on the link with no issues.


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