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Steve Matzura

They all are, going back to 10, and 15's just coming out now. Jim Snowbarger has scripts for very reasonable money for everything back to version 10 at

On 3/10/2021 9:44 AM, stewartross via wrote:
hi all does anyone no where i can get a version of soundforge thats jaws friendly?
regards from stewart
also can u by it on a monthly amount or do u have to by it it all in one go.

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I am writing the kind of message I hate and I am sorry about that.  I do not know the answer to your question for certain but the versions seem to be pretty self-contained.  Our situations are common enough that I would hope there would be a prompt not to remove common files if there are any.

If you have created any customized settings that you use over again, you may need to save them.  I have some Wave Hammer compression settings I like and have to export and import them.

One reason I don't have a better answer to your question is that I have had enough trouble with Sound Forge versions that I have not wanted to get rid of any.  However, I now have versions 11, 12, 13, and 14 so I need to follow your example.  I would appreciate hearing what your experience is, but if you are real reluctant, I am willing to try removing a version and let you know what I encounter.

I did not buy Sound Forge 15 with the pre-release price, but I can get an upgrade price until March 14.  I would be very interested to here if you think it is worth it.  Sound Forge 14 came out in late summer as I recall, and even the discounted upgrade is substantial.  Although I find that each version seems to retain what was accessible, it continues to add more that is not.  I am seriously considering switching to something else given my usage. It is not an easy decision, though, as I have been using it since version 6.  There are relatively few of us using Sound Forge so I would really appreciate any thoughts you might have on the subject.  Also, I am willing to try uninstalling my oldest version and let you know what happens in exchange for thoughts on your Sound Forge experiences.

Best regards,

Steve Jacobson

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 I have just installed Soundforge 15.

This installation did not remove my previous version of Soundforge i.e.
Version 14.

Can I remove V14 without destroying V15?



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