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JM Casey

You could try looking here.

Also plenty of nifty old library music lying around that you can generally use.

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I'm wanting also to start my own podcast, i'm looking for music sites.


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Interesting. I use Anchor for my podcast; didn't realise they had
music available, too. I'm good for it, personally, but a friend wants
to start up a podcast and was looking for music..I suggested a public
domain music library site but she seems to be having trouble finding stuff she likes.

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I use Anchor; it has music to choose from, and it's free. Once on
there, it does the necessary steps for your podcast to be on other
platforms (Spotify, Apple, Overcast, Google, and others).
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Quick question, does anyone who makes there own podcast use music for
it? If so where did you get the music? I'm looking for something I
know not what until I hear it, that I can use for intro and outtakes.
I'm needing something creative commons.


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