Re: Recording with GoldWave

Howard Traxler

Thanks Robert,  However, in the dialog selection you described, there are two possible sound devices.  I don't remember the exact messages but they indicate that the devices are not available.  It seems that I'll have to go into windows control panel, sound devices and make some settings.  I get lost in there.  I have to keep trying because I want to use this machine to make some recordings.


On 1/24/2021 8:38 PM, Robert Byers wrote:

Hi Howard!

In Goldwave, press F11, this should bring you in to System.

If it doesn't say System, tab until you here help then tab once more.  Now you can press right Arrow until it say System.

If you tab once from System you should here Playback.  Up and down until you get the sound card you use for playback.  Then tab and you will here Record, again up and down Arrow until you here the sound card you need.  Now tab to OK and press Enter.

I hope this helps.


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