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Hi Tim. Thanks for that. Yes I love the Bose sound though. I will admit they don't do sub bass. But then again headphones especially can't do true car subwoofer bass. That feel it threw your house as the car goes buy bass. But that is for a Bose quality thread on a Bose list. Or something like that. I once had QC 15 headphones. I loved them. Wanted the 700s but didn't have the $300. Did you say there's mor lag with the cable then with blutooth? How can that be? But then again production headphones these are not. They wouldn't be considered flat enough. I've also heard they are brighter and perhaps wider sounding then the QC35 2.

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The Bose 700 headphones are very comfortable and have some good features for blind users.

The touch controls are extremely easy to use. Sliding your finger vertically up or down the front side3 of the right ear cup increases or decreases the volume.

Sliding your finger forward or backward moves to next track or start of current track/previous track.

Double-tapping pauses and resumes playbak.

There are three physical buttons also

- for power on/off and pairing;
- For adjusting the noise cancelation level between three pre-set levels (the Bose Music app allows you to choose these);
- And the other button is for answering/ending a call, Siri or other voice assistant.

You can choose from level 10 noise cancelation - which is extremely good, through to level 0, which is a pretty responsive and accurate transparency mode.

I often use level 4, which attenuates noise but still allows situational awareness when at home - so I can hear someone calling or what the dog is doing.

For blind folks, this multi-level noise cancelation feature is the stand-out feature of the 700's.

Their other stand-out feature is for phone calls, where they attempt to cancel noise around you as you speak, so the person at the other end only hears you. As with all headphones in this class, their reproduction of your voice is adequate, but not great, lacking high end and some flanging.

Music playback Sound is good, but not super fantastic. Bose have their own sound profile which a lot of audio files are not very impressed by. The app allows you to adjust bass, mid-range and highs, but it’s accessibility is a little fiddly. The Sonys and The AirPods Max are both considered to have much superior sound over-all.

Audio Latency is pretty poor over Bluetooth, which is a shame.

Worse still, there is significant latency when you use the 3.5 ml headphone cable, which makes them poor for audio production work where you really want 0-latency.

That about sums up my experience with these headphones.


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H i!
Is anyone using the Bose 700 here?
I am just wondering how it works with the touch gestures?
I suppose they will work for a blind person as there are no display on the headphones.

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