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I checked, and Winamp is the default music player. When I press Enter on an audio file, Winamp does open, but the audio does not play.

But a file does play if I go into Winamp and use shift-l to open a folder or other keystrokes to open a file while I am in Winamp.


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Hi Rob,
It may be worth checking that winamp is the default player for audio.
1. press windows key and x.
2. cursor up to apps and features, press enter.
3. you may need to shift tab once, to the list, and arrow down to default apps, and press enter.

4. tab three times, to default music player, if it is not winamp, press the button, and from the nex dialogue, select winamp and press the button.
If winamp is already the default, press alt f4 to close the default apps and features settings window.

see if winamp plays files when you press enter on the files you want to play.
If not, we need to look further.



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