Winamp Questions


I have questions about Winamp.

Question 1: I have been using Winamp 5.66 for years. In Windows 10, I use
File Explorer to locate an audio file and press Enter to play it in Winamp.
But lately, Winamp opens, but the audio does not play. Even navigating to
Winamp and using hot key x does not start playing. I have messed around
with settings in Winamp preferences to no avail. As a work around, I have
been using the context menu to open the file with another player like VLC,
Groove Music, etc. I appreciate any thoughts.

Question 2: Winamp plays files at a softer volume than other players. It
doesn't matter what format the audio file has. Yes, I have pressed up-arrow
many times to increase the volume. I can't find any settings in Winamp
preferences that deals with volume.

Question 3: I like Winamp because there are key strokes to pan the audio
left and right. I use this frequently to pan a learning track to the right
so the left channel doesn't play. Are there other media players that have
easy methods to pan the audio left and right?


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