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Colin Howard


As you've been using WavePad to my knowledge at least a couple of years, I
am really surprised you don't know such a basic function.

I suspect if it is anything like GoldWave, there is a function something
like place marker, in GoldWave, the key stroke to place a marker is left
bracket which when pressed places a start marker at the current cursor
position. the end marker is close bracket which places a marker for the end
of selection at the current cursor
position. In totalRecorder, there is a similar facility so I suspect if you
read the help or manual, you should find the appropriate descriptions.
Removing / inserting into or from files is one of the most basic and early
things I needed to do with GoldWave.

On Sat, 26 Dec 2020 00:19:54 -0000, amongst other things, "goshawk on
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I have always found it to be very good, and I am sure that it is just that I
don't know how to tell it what section to remove more than anything else.


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hi simon
happy christmas
i no u can do this with soundforge if that helps
i haven't tryed wavepad is it good?
from stewart
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hello all,
I am looking for the easiest way to take bits out of the middle of an
audio file with wavepad. it is a tv program that I recorded, and that has
at least 4 advert breaks that I want to remove.


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