The quality of sound on Bluetooth over ear headphones

Yusuf Osman

Hi all, I hope I can explain the issue I'm having in a way that makes sense.

Currently I have 2 different kinds of Bluetooth headphones. The first is a Plantronics Backbeat Pro but as I can't find the purchase information I can't be sure. I think I bought them in 2016. The sound quality is great, I would describe it as really open and when I'm playing games the field is really open. By that I mean I am usually able to distinguish between near left and far left, or the left that is close to being directly ahead and the left closer to behind. The second is a pair of CORSAIR VIRTUOSO WIRELESS RGB SE. I find the sound on this less open. When playing a game everything sounds like it is in-front even if it isn't. Yet looking at the specifications, and trying to compare, even though I can't quite get the same stats for both, the Plantronics frequency response is 20 to 20,000 HZ with 40 MM drivers and the Corsair frequency response is 20 HZ to 40,000 KHZ Impedance: 32 Ohms at 2.5 kHz
Sensitivity: 109 dB (± 3 dB) And Drivers: Custom 50 mm neodymium, matched pairs.

Now I'll be completely honest and say that I don't understand most of these figures. I do know that the frequency range describes what sounds the headphones are capable of producing from lowest to highest. It seems to me that in purely statistics the Corsair are better and yet to my ears the sound coming from them is narrower, which is I guess why I'm not getting proper spacial information when playing games. When listening to music - I've used a version of Beethoven's 5th symphony for comparison - the sound from the Corsair is similarly enclosed.

The 2 headphones are differently connected to the PC, the Corsair uses a 2.4 GHZ dongle as I purchased them specifically for use with Teams and Zoom as I couldn't get my Plantronics to connect via standard Bluetooth. I've not made any changes to the default settings via Apps for either of them. I've never needed to for the Plantronics and having looked today at the Corsair software, iCue is not accessible with Jaws2020 being filled with a lot of unlabelled buttons.

Can anyone explain the difference in what I'm hearing and tell me what I need to look for in a pair of headphones to get a more open sound for both music/drama and games?

You might well be asking if I like the Plantronics so much why am I looking for something else? The answer is the quality of the material is not that great. For the past year I'd say bits of the material covering the top of the headphones, the part connecting the 2 ear cups have been flaking away, as has bits of the material around the ear cups. This happened with my previous Plantronics as well. I think they should last more than 3 years without bits falling off.

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