decent optical switch?

goshawk on horseback

hello all,
does anyone know of a really decent 3 input or more optical/toslink switch?
the only ones I can find seem to be those from Lindy or Cyp, which both seem to be the same, just with a different name on them. and whilst the specs on them look decent, the actual build quality is very lightweight and plasticky, which has caused me 2 issues, as follows:
1, because they are so light and have no real body to them, when using decent but heavy optical cables, the weight of the cables tends to pull the switch off of where ever it is placed.
and 2, so far, I have had at least 3 of these in the past, (the 4way version), and with out acception, they have only lasted about 6 weeks max before they go wrong, at a guess because I would say that again, the weight of the decent cables is too much for the rubbish build of the sockets on the switch.


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