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Tom Kaufman

Howard: No problem; in the back of my mind, I knew that there was something about being able to just put the DM-720 into the USB port of my computer; just couldn't make it all make sense! I don't do this type of stuff enough to engrain it into my memory--sigh! But thanks for your input!
Tom Kaufman

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Sorry Tom, I thought the 720 would be like the 420, 520, and 620. Guess
again, huh?

On 12/1/2020 6:16 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
Tim: Thank you...yeah; that was exactly what I was looking for! I knew
that thing popped out, but was bound and determined that you had to still
put a cord in there...although something was remembering something about
putting the machine into the USB port of the computer! Yep; that did the
trick! Thanks much! Hopefully the next time I have a project like this,
I'll not go looking for cords to try to fit the DM-720!
Tom Kaufman

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The usb plug is internal to the dm720.

With the display to the top and in front of you, there is a protruding slide
button which you need to press and push down. Doing this will extrude the
plug, and the dm720 can then be directly plugged into your USB port.

Hope this helps.


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On 2 Dec 2020, at 10:45 am, Tom Kaufman <tomcat53@...> wrote:

Howard and list: Still no soap; I know I have done this before, for I have
some files on my computer that I have used this machine to record with;
still...there apparently seems to be no way to do this! What is it I'm
missing here? A friend said that it's on the bottom of the machine
but...danged if I see anything that you can plug in there! Sorry for being
dense; I KNOW this has been done before...and I did it! But for some
strange reason, none of the cords I have tried seem to fit!
Tom Kaufman

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The little end of the cord goes into the female plug in the center of
the very bottom of the olympus, I'm guessing. It only goes in one way;
don't force it.

On 12/1/2020 4:35 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
Hello list: I am attempting to transfer a file from my Olympus 720 to the
computer; my sticking point is that I apparently cannot remember where the
plug is that comes out of the DM-720 is; the one where you plug the cord
into.then you of course plug the other end to the port of the computer!
someone please refresh my memory as to what exactly goes where? I know
can be done; I know I have the right type of cord! However am just not
finding the place where that dang cord fits into! It's been a long time
since I've transferred any files from the DS-720 to my computer that I
just forgotten what goes where and where goes what! Help greatly

Tom Kaufman

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