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Every year around January I attend the sales at my local HiFi outlets to see if I can afford one or some of the wonderful devices reviewed in the Stereophile and similar audio magazines in the past 12 months, this year it was the Rotel A14 and CD14 Integrated Amplifier and CD Player I was keen to get hold of to match the T14 Tuner/stream I bought in January 2017.

There are many things to be said about the A14 and CD14 so if anyone has any specific questions then please ask. I'll just cover what I believe to be some main points about the Rotel 14 series.

Starting with the amp which offers 80 watts RMS per channel though the testing says the amp delivers 105 watts.

The A14 has an excellent set of inputs which include tuner and CD inputs, two Aux inputs, 4 digital inputs - 2 Coax and 2 Optical which feed a 38400K/32 bit DAC -, a Bluetooth APTX input and finally inputs for your iPhone or a USB input to allow connection to your Mac or Windows PC thus the Amp can be used as a sound card with a digital link to your computer for playback of audio.

The front panel is well laid out with a row of buttons on the front for input selection rather than a jog-dial which can confuse when trying to select the appropriate input.

Tha A14 can be connected using Intel's link system to form an integrated system thus all the components can be controlled by an IOS app for source selection, text display of the CD titles, text display of DAB and FM RDS broadcasts, selection of tuner presets, manipulation of connected Bluetooth devices etc.

The 14 Series App is very accessible on an iPhone where I use it here.

Volume, Balance, Bass and Treble can all be controlled by the App along with speaker A-B sellection.

The A14 has a great headphone out facility, one of the best I've heard in an intigrated amp.

If you wish to expand the system further then you can add sub-woofers to the A14 or a Power Amp.

The CD14 CD player is a basic CD player however don't let the 6 buttons on the front panel deceive you, lacking buttons the cD player is but sonic quality and build are both outstanding.

CD Text of tracks can be displayed using the Series 14 IOS App thus if you see a track titled say "Baby Come Back", double-tapping the track title will cause it to play.

All the usual transport controls ar available in the App.

The T14 is not only a tuner but a network streamer thus you can listen to music from all the popular music sources such as Spotify or stream music from anywhere on your network.

The T14 is also compatible with Chromecast, Apple AirPlay and DLNA so let your imagination run free.

Rotel's T14 also has no trouble whatever streaming Internet radio.

So there you have it all in a nutshell, a truly excellent HiFi system with plenty of flexibility and functional features.


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