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Rich De Steno

I do extensive multitrack recording in Audacity.  I use an inexpensive Sabrent USB Audio so-called sound card, but it is more like a USB plug.  Although it has only headphone and microphone jacks, I successfully use the microphone jack as a line-in jack. I connect my amplifier and music keyboard to this jack and get excellent recordings with no distortion.  It is plug and play requiring no software.  The interface in Windows even has the option of AGC if you so choose.  I have that turned off.  This was literally about six dollars on Amazon.  There are many similar products on Amazon from many manufacturers.  You certainly need not spend more than ten bucks on the type of USB unit required here.  Check out the amazon array of products, there is an extensive selection.

On 10/10/2020 8:28 AM, Steve Jacobson wrote:
Do any of you have recommendations for an inexpensive USB sound card to use with laptops that do not have Line In jacks? I am looking for a way for someone to be able to record from a cassette deck but not necessarily with a lot of bells and whistles. A primary use would be for converting cassettes which are reasonably high quality but don't require professional quality bit depth or sampling rates. Thanks.

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