Re: Crackling test and cloud lifter issue on H6

Hamit Campos

Odd the cloud lifter isn't working. A dude on youtube demoed Michael Jakson's mic for Thriller the Sure SM7B with an H6 and a cloud lifter. He had his H6 at full 48 volts of phantom as far as I seem to remember. As to my cable thing. How many days did you do that? Keep me posted it didn't happen right away. I should've paid more attention the second time but it felt like a few weeks at most. Almost a month like 3 weeks. As I said I perhaps should've paid more attention this time arround. Just to see how long it took. But yeah that was 1 thing then there were the few times I left the battery switch on. We'll see what Audio-Technica says as well I guess. I just wanted to make sure before saying the H6 is defective. This as well is my first and only condencer. I was thinking of getting a pair of Behringer C2 the little $50 stereo pair of condencers and see what the H6 does to them. Or is that a waist of $50? Well $60 really almost then the 2 sepret XLR cables.

On 10/5/2020 11:11 PM, frank cuta wrote:
Sorry I am easily distracted and got to playing with something else. I
can't get my pair of Sennheizer 441s to work through my cloud lifter
plugged into the H6. The same setup works fine when plugged into a mixer
so I am puzzled. I wonder if the cloud lifter takes more power than the H6
can deliver?

I tried to reproduce your crackling issue by taking an old cheap condenser
and whith the phantom power enabled on channel 6 I pulled out the XLR and
shoved it back in ten times. This causes no obvious issues of any kind.

As for the microphone for the Stream try an AKG C1000. It optionally can be
powered from an internal AA battery. Of course you will need a pair for


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Hi Frank. What did you find my friend? I'm still gonna send the 8022
back to Audio-Technica but there's still the fact that I have no other
condencers to check if my crackeling cable thing wasn't caused by the H6
itself. Thanks. Feel free to email me off list if you wish.

On 10/4/2020 12:22 PM, tim cumings wrote:
Does anyone have any recommendations for a condenser microphone for
the second generation victor reader stream?

Humanware recommends using a condenser microphone that takes plug-in

Does anyone have recommendations for mics either cardioid or omni that
would work well with the stream.

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