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Hamit Campos

Ah thanks Frank. Let me know. Yeah the AT-8022 is a $400 mic to be completely honest. It's stated use is for home video so mounting on your DSLR and for interviews than finally yes they do mention home studio. But yes please let me know as this is my first and only condencer. So just wanted to be awair before jumping to conclusions.

On 9/18/2020 9:56 PM, frank cuta wrote:
Sounds like a connector problem not an H6 problem. However I have got a
couple of real cheap condensers in the drawer and I will do some torture
test experimenting and let you know.

Expensive condenser mics are designed to be used in demanding environments.
If they can't be plugged in and unplugged and handled normally without
doing damage then they are pretty useless in a recording studio.
Microphones (ribbons excluded) are not really fragile pieces of equipment.


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Ah I forget the vultage of that USB port. The H6 I meen. But if it were
to work keep me posted please. Also how many of you have had trouble
with your condencers after using them with the H6? This is the second
cable now for my AT-8022 stereo mic that crackles with phantum. You know
that kinda fire like crackel when a mike cable is ripping or something?
yeah that. Especially if I move it. Now don't wana jump to conclusions
here, don't wana put blame where none may belong as the 8022 is the only
phantum powered mic I have. So as well as somepoint sending the 8022
back with it's 5 pin mini into the mic and 2 regular XLRs into the H6
cable to AT I just wanted to ask here because it may be the mic. Also
maybe me. Are you not supposed to hand hold a phantum powered mic? Are
you not supposed to be moving it arround? Then finally I heard a tip
once that after the recording setion when you shut the phantom off will
in this case on the H6 it's best to wait a few minutes to unplug the
mic. The question on this and I perhaps should try and find that vid but
how much of a must is this I wander? The idea being that you should let
the phantom drain out before disconnecting the mic. So what power pack
do you have? Feel free to tell me more off list about it.

On 9/18/2020 8:08 PM, frank cuta wrote:
I agree this is a major pain with this machine. I have gone to the
AA rechargeables that couple to a USB charging harness magnetically. This
reduces the frustration a bit. But just the removal process from the
machine itself is more difficult than it needs to be. I have considered
powering my H6 from my large USB power bank (the big one that you can
a small car from), but I have not tried it yet.


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Hi dain and friends. For you all that have the H recorders, how do you
all do about the batteries? Here's what I mean. Yes with the H6 well at
least with out of the box settings it's clamed you can get 13 hours of
batteries. But in the case of NIMH batteries like the Lithium ones I
assume it's not good to use them til flat than charge them. So how often
do you all recharge? I really don't get why Zoom didn't put the charger
thing in the H6 or the others I really don't. You have to take the
batteries out and put them in a charger. Must be mad annoying with
things like the F4 and F8N where you have 8 double A's. Now the F ones
at least beep when going low.

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