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frank cuta

I agree this is a major pain with this machine. I have gone to the Lithium
AA rechargeables that couple to a USB charging harness magnetically. This
reduces the frustration a bit. But just the removal process from the
machine itself is more difficult than it needs to be. I have considered
powering my H6 from my large USB power bank (the big one that you can start
a small car from), but I have not tried it yet.


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Hi dain and friends. For you all that have the H recorders, how do you
all do about the batteries? Here's what I mean. Yes with the H6 well at
least with out of the box settings it's clamed you can get 13 hours of
batteries. But in the case of NIMH batteries like the Lithium ones I
assume it's not good to use them til flat than charge them. So how often
do you all recharge? I really don't get why Zoom didn't put the charger
thing in the H6 or the others I really don't. You have to take the
batteries out and put them in a charger. Must be mad annoying with
things like the F4 and F8N where you have 8 double A's. Now the F ones
at least beep when going low.

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