Re: line to phono level adaptor?

Barry Chapman

Hi Simon,

Many mixers have alternative microphone and line or phono and line inputs
for some channels. What is usually the case is that you can use one or the
other, but not both together. So if you have a four channel mixer, you
probably can't use both the line input and phono input on the same channel.

Therefore, what you want to do probably wouldn't work.

Barry Chapman

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Subject: [all-audio] line to phono level adaptor?
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hello all,
does anyone know if there is any bit of kit out there which would let one
plug a line level source, in to a phono level channel?
I have a nice mixer, that has 4 channels which have both line and phono
inputs, but on which I use mainly line level sources. so if I could get
something that would let me use line level sources on the phono inputs, it
would mean that I would have 8 sets of inputs available, rather than just 4,
hope that makes sense.


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