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I take your points but its no good going on about what could have been or might have been.
We’ve discussed this and many similar Apps and products that time has passed by and that’s that, we can’t turn back time so all we can do is look to the future and try to shape it.
Thankfully VLC has taken huge strides in accessibility over an incredibly short space of time and that’s mainly because people have bothered to use the product and have submitted feedback, “Don’t be backward in coming forward”, that seems to be the name of the game.

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Ah yeah VLC is some what an accessible Blu-Ray and DVD player. I've played some Blu-Ray disks with it and was amaised at what I could access. Almost as accessible as Windows Media Player was and as Windows Media Center. Don't get me started on Microsoft killing WMC. Shame shame shame shame shame shame on you Microsoft. WMC could've been so epic. If only it played well now UHD BD dirrectly and if it could take advantage of ATSC3.

On 9/2/2020 8:13 PM, JM Casey wrote:
Winamp works in windows 10 and probably will continue to do so so long as
Windows Direct Sound is still supported -- which I guess is not on the way
out as even more modern players like Foobar still use it and only it,
without a plugin. Wasapi has been the new Windows standard for ages now but
it seems mostly not adopted by modern players (not surea bout VLC).
The other player I use is VLC, mostly for videos as it's pretty much the
best for all video formats.
But it works fine as an audio-only player too.

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I am using winamp to play my music. It is an old program and I don't know if
it will work on windows 10. What are you all using to play your music? I am
gona get a new computer with windows 10 around thanks giving. Now I am still
using windows 7.

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