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Hamit Campos

Ah there ya go Andy. Yep this was the trick I pulled when I unboxed the H6. What few things I could set up thanks to Neal Ewers I did like linking tracks in stereo the volume thing like I said I pulled yuor trick out of my hat but I had to be a little more carefull because remember the AT-8022 is stereo so for even stereo the volumes must and I mean must be exact. But then Abby told me they were numbered. So I just have her do it as she can see the numbers so that way there's no doubt the volumes are exact. Remember always andy. They are numbered 1 threw 10. So I figure 5 is kinda in the middle and yes 5 does good for most things. Ah if only these recorders had Olympus's Smart Mode. Too bad the LS-14 is the only thing that has it and too bad the LS-14 doesn't have XLRs. If it did well then in a way it would beat out the LS-100.

On 8/30/2020 8:33 AM, Andy via wrote:
Hi Dane.

I meant to comment on this thread earlier but it's only now that I'm going through my list of messages.

It's far too early for me to comment regarding the F8n.  For believe it or not, I have not had a single opportunity to use the device since buying it over a year ago.

However, I've loads of experience using the Zoom H6.

I'm total, so need to use headphones, or ask a friend to look at the display.

So my friend comes over to my table briefly at the start of a performance.

I normall ask permission from the artists, so I also ask them to play a particulary loud track just after, they have sorted out their own balances.

So I turn the gain full on.

I ask my friend to look at the meeters through the orange, then the red to somewhere around minus 10 or 12.

Plus I can also monitor the quality via the headphones.

This is by far the easier option anyway as people really like helping blind folks.  Not sure that the same could be said regarding the death community. I also noticed once my friend has stopedme turning down the gain, you'll see that you are only a few clicks from full gain, so you don't really need to ask a friend, just turn the gain full on then draw it back and listen to what you are doing  with the headphones.  You'll probably find that your recording is very close to the target.

Very best wishes.

Very best wishes.

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I’ve given this raised matter some thought and go back to what Neal said in his review of the recorder.
The only way to adjust the levels accurately is to count the notches in the knobs with your fingernail and use this method for adjustment.
Well at least there is a method we can use to get fairly accurate adjustment, not ideal but useable just the same.

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