Re: Seeking Recommendations on Blind-friendly audio Mixers

frank cuta

Mackie 1640.
No effects no menus not very portable but fantastic performance.
Phantom is selectible on each channel.
However The digital output is firewire not USB.
Its out of production but I just picked up a second one on ebay for about $400.

If you are just concerned about phantom damage to some of your ribbon microphones you can buy a phantom blocker in line adapter for them.


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You should reach out to people and radio and AC radio they use. Rita the theme of a CB radio. He was the survey you.
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I have a Yamaha mixer and I have a Behringer mixer as well as the radio company I have no problem with preserve them.

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I'm currently using a Yamaha MG10XU.

It has four XLR mic inputs, which is plenty for me.

It also has stereo inputs.

The manual is loaded with pictures that are not well-explained, so I don't
totally understand some of its features.

Features I'm seeking:

The ability to turn Phantom power on and off for specific channels

Tactile controls, either knobs or sliders

A good built-in USB sound card

A blind-friendly user guide

Some FX would be nice, but not a requirement

Ironically, all of these features except the blind-friendly user guide exist
in the Zoom F6 recorder, but I don't want to have it dedicated too use as a

Anybody have suggestions?

Jerry Berrier

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